The Chartrand Charitable Foundation


Supporting today’s children, young men and women with opportunities through sports and inspiration.

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Our Foundation is driven by:

  • The belief that children and young men and women thrive best in a world which presents opportunities.
  • The fact that sports and physical activities are critical to the development and self esteem of all people.
  • A view that while we may not be able to change the world, we can change and improve small parts of it, even one person at a time.

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2022 was a great success. However, due to circumstances completely beyond our control (principally teams unable to register) we are not able to play in Spring, 2023 as planned.

We are exploring going back to Fall and possibly a Oct 6-7, 2023 date. (We appreciate UNL Men being an early, paid  registrant.) We ask all teams to register and pay now. After 43 years, you know you can trust us if anything happens. Your funds are secure and will be returned if we are unable to play. Let’s all work together to keep this great tradition going.