About Us

We began in 1979, just months after the death of Edward E. Chartrand, who just graduated after four years with KSU Soccer.  “Fast Eddy” as he is affectionately known, is our inspiration. The “Friends of Fast Eddy” or F.O.F.E is now a brotherhood and sisterhood of thousands. The Chartrand Charitable Foundation is our prime benefactor and supports youth opportunities through sports. You can learn more at  www.chartrandfoundation.org

Our home and tournament headquarters is KSU Memorial Stadium, complete with artificial grass, lights, scoreboard and more. A long time dream come true. We are excited and grateful to all who made this possible—especially our beloved Charlie Hedgcoth, Dennis Cook, leadership by alumnus like Curt Frasier who led the Alumni Center/Memorial Stadium rebirth effort, the student body at Kansas State and the World War I KSU veterans for whom Memorial Stadium was built and dedicated.